Dweet.io Temeletry

Any data sent through dweet.io is available for anyone online to see. We have taken the caution of not allowing location data to be transmitted, but it also means that there is a chance for other teams to see your data. We have decided not to transmit location over the free, public telemetry, as we do not want to be responsible for publicly uploading anyone’s location!

The eChook app will send data to a dweet channel (dweet calls it a ‘Thing’), with an ID of your choosing. Anyone with this ID can watch your data, and every free data stream is available to see at dweet.io/see. To avoid your information being identified, a random ID can be used - other teams will still be able to identify it as eChook data from its contents, but identifying which team it belongs to will be more difficult.

Setting up dweet telemetry

First, enter the eChook app and go to settings. Enter a thing ID of your choosing to the ‘dweet Thing name’ field. If you want a random ID a good random generator can be found here. Now enable the ‘Enable Live Data’ setting in the app.

To view this data on your phone or laptop simply open dweet.io/follow/your-thing-id.

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