Welcome to eChook

Welcome to the documentation for the eChook nano board and the associated Android app, the eChook Companion app.

Please feel free to add comments and start discussions on this document as you go. If something is unclear or you get stuck, pop us a message on the forum, the Slack channel, or with the little message icon in the bottom right of the page.

The idea behind eChook

The original eChook nano board and the eChook Companion app came about because of a need for data display and logging on the Driven and weChook racing cars.

We realised that this is also an area that many teams do not have the time or knowledge to implement themselves, and where available solutions off the shelf tend to be expensive, limited in their inputs and ‘black boxes’ where signal goes in and data comes out.

We wanted to build a greenpower specific data logging and telemetry system that had inputs tailored to the need of a greenpower car, but also used simple circuits that can be understood by students at GCSE and A level to promote an understanding of how the whole system works, rather than being a ‘black box’ solution. As well as this we aim to keep the price as low as possible to fit within the budgets of Greenpower teams!

To this aim we are not taking a profit from the boards - if we break even and greenpower teams benefit from lots of race data, we’ll call that a win. Now that kits are entering production and being sold through Greenpower, 100% of the profits go back to Greenpower.

The Team

The team behind the eChook consists of Ian Cooper, Rowan Griffin and Ben Nagy. We are all ex-Driven team members who are too old to race in F24+ but can’t quite pull ourselves away from Greenpower.

We have all worked on all aspects of the eChook, but predominantly Ian has worked on circuit and PCB Design, Rowan has worked on the circuit design, Arduino software, documentation, support and bits of the Android App, and Ben has coded the vast majority of the Android app and is keeping it maintained.

Linkedin Profiles: Rowan Griffin, Ian Cooper, Ben Nagy.


While this documentation aims to make building and using the eChook as easy as possible, there will always be cases where something doesn't go as expected and some help is needed. eChook has both a forum and a Slack channel that anyone can join to ask questions and discuss anything eChook, electronics, or greenpower in general!

They are both monitored by the eChook team who will get back to any questions as quickly as possible.

Forum - echook.boards.net

Slack - For new users an invite is needed: Invite link. Returning users, go to echook.slack.com

We are also trialing in browser messaging - click the message icon in the bottom right to get in touch.


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