DIY Web Dashboard

If node-red isn't for you, it's also possible to access the data from a traditional website. To help with this we have created an example website with the JavaScript code (using Vue.js) in place to fetch all the data from dweet, leaving the html and css up to you to build the interface.

How to use

We suggest making a github account and forking the repository for the demo site. From here clone it to your computer and develop as you wish.

Hosting your Website (for free!)

Within the github settings tab of your forked repository, scroll down to the Github Pages section. Change the 'Source' dropdown from 'None' to 'Master Branch'. Github will then give you a URL to your newly hosted telemetry website.

This is all new to me - Where do I start?

The above instructions are very simplistic and assume a basic knowledge of git and web development. If you are just starting out the NetNinja tutorial series on Youtube are excellent:

Git: NetNinja Git and Github for Beginners

HTML: NetNinja HTML for Beginners

CSS: NetNinja CSS for Beginners

JavaScript: NetNinja JavaScript for Beginners

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