eChook Live Data

An intro to the eChook Private live data website.

The eChook Live Data website is

Data is sent from your phone to the website privately over an encrypted connection and can be viewed only by people with your login. It is designed for each car to have it's own login, so if your team is running more than one car, you'll want an account per car.

On first use, register your car and use a password that can be shared with anyone who might want to see the data.

Now in the eChook Android app settings, enter this login in the 'eChook Private Data' section. After entering the data, toggle the 'Enable eChook Private Data' setting to on. In some cases you may need to fully close (recent apps, swipe closed) the app and restart it for this setting to take effect.

With the app connected to your car (or generating test data - option in settings) you should now be able to log onto the website and see this data. There will be a few seconds delay between the phone screen and the website.

Known Issues:

We have recently discovered that the language setting on a phone can alter the data. The only known language to not work at the moment is Dutch, but this may affect others.

If you log in and see lots of 'NaN' instead of Numbers for voltage, temperature etc setting the phone language to English (UK) will solve the issue until the app is updated. If other lanugates are confirmed to work/not work please let us know with the messaging button at the bottom left of the screen.

Similarly, if more issues are found as more teams start using the systems please let us know and we will do our best to resolve them.

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